"Through its Agile, Scrum, Lean, Scaled Agile (SAFe) Consulting and Certified SAFe Practitioner, Certified Agile Practitioner (PMI-ACP), Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban Trainings, Exelplus Services founder Niranjan Nerlige V helps companies adopt, scale and improve their use of agile processes and techniques in order to build extremely high performance development organizations"

Niranjan is an excellent trainer and coach with very strong experience in various Agile frameworks. He prepared and executed a very interactive and useful session on SAFe, making the complex subject easy to understand. His past experience in Agile practices in corporate world also contributed a lot to the effectiveness of the session. I was amazed to see all colleagues participating eagerly during the session, which resulted in the concepts getting very clear to everyone. I am glad that I was part of the program and look forward to other training sessions from Niranjan.
Geetha Kesavan
Technical Project Manager
Niranjan is an excellent trainer. He has deep understanding of Agile (Scrum methodology and practice). His vast experience in Agile methodology is an asset to trainees and companies. I was trained in Agile methodology in a workshop conducted by my employer with Niranjan as trainer. His approach of training would help layman to understand Agile. Keep it up and Wish you all success in your training..
Sharadkumar Jayakumar
Senior Software Engineer at Ericsson
Mr. Niranjan had trained on Agile Scrum process at Airwatch by VMWare. He made the process so clear and crisp to understand with many examples and live workshops. His understanding on the topic is too good. I would recommend him for any company to consult him for the same.
Anshuman Biswal
Senior Research and Development Engineer at AirWatch(R&D)-by VMware
I wanted to thank Niranjan for putting together such a good training in SAFe. I enjoyed all role plays and PSI planning we practiced. I have learned some valuable skills to use in my position. Everyone participated with such enthusiasm and had so many good questions. This training helped me in clearing SAFe Agilist assessments in the very first chance. I am glad to have been part of this valuable program.
Anoop Unnikrishnan
Project Manager, SAFe Agilist,CSM, ITIL
I had attended 1 day Kanban and 2 days SAFe Agilist program conducted by Niranjan and both of them were great value. It was well organized and packed with appropriate case studies and real life examples which re-enforces concept beautifully. He is an excellent trainer who not only has in-depth knowledge but the way he teaches help people to learn fast. Thanks, Niranjan!!
Amit Verma,PMP,CFPS,CSM,SAFe Agilist,Prince2
Sr. Engineering Program Manager at Ariba
I recently attended a training provided by Niranjan on the Scaled Agile Framework. Niranjan made the training sessions very easy going despite the complexities involved in the SAFe concepts. He also brings in his vast experience into the training making it very useful for the participants. I cleared the SAFe Agilist certification after attending his training within a very short time with very little preparation. Another trait that Niranjan has is that he is very simple and humble despite his impeccable credentials as an experienced Agile coach and trainer. I wish him all the very best.
Madhusudan Rao
PMI ACP, Certified SAFe Agilist (SA)
I attended a 3-day blended-mode Agile Scrum Master training conducted by Niranjan. It was obvious that he had a deep understanding of the subject matter based on his real-world experience. He was able to hold our attention for the duration because he has very strong delivery and communication skills. His discussion topics were very valuable and helped us digest the most…
Umamaheshwara S
Line/ Project Manager at ABB GISL, Corporate Research Center / Robotics Application Software Development Group
Niranjan engaged us well during SAFe Agilist training programs with insightful examples and modularized approach
AnandGanesh Balasubramanian
Agile Consultant
I got associated with Niranjan during my SAFe Agilist certification Program...Niranjan has conducted the training...He is not only a passionate and expert SAFe Program Consultant but also an inspiring person. Niranjan is a great perfectionist. It's an authentic pleasure having association with him as he is an expert consultant. His examples and case studies during the training class helped in a lot...I highly recommend Niranjan to everyone who is seeking to gain knowledge on Scaled Agile Framework
Nagesh Sharma
Passionate Agile Coach,. Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, SAFe Agilist
I recently attended a training provided by Niranjan on the Scaled Agile Framework. Niranjan brings in broad experience and knowledge to the training, making it very useful for participants. I was able to acquire the SAFe Agilist certification after attending his training with just a little bit of preparation. Appreciate Niranjan's interest in spreading this framework for wider adoption. Best wishes.
Rama Krishnan
Agile Coach/Management Consultant
It’s rare that you come across passionate talent like Niranjan. Niranjan is a systematic trainer with clear and thorough steps. I was particularly impressed by Niranjan’s ability to handle even the toughest questions, effortlessly with practical angle. Such ability often takes many years of practice to develop among professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly natural to him, which is great for a trainer. Hoping to work with Niranjan again in future - wishing him all the best.
Mohammed Chalil
Engineering Manager at analog devices
I attended Niranjan's PMI_ACP prep class through WhizLabs. The class was exactly what I was looking for and needed. Niranjan was an excellent and patient instructor. He is very knowledgeable on the subject and able to explain the concepts with appropriate examples and detail.
Deborah Meyer
Project Manager at Intel Corporation
Niranjan, was an outstanding coach for the PMI-ACP training he was completely dedicated to his students making sure each of them get a thorough understanding of the concepts developed and providing all kind of valuable pointers to complement and illustrate what he taught. That was a create experience. I highly recommend Niranjan for your PMI-ACP prep he is very..
Jean Lecante
Lead Architect LATAM at Wipro Technologies
I have attended the Agile-Scrum Project Management Workshop conducted by Niranjan, recently in my company. This training helped to understand the Agile-Scrum framework end to end. Niranjan made this workshop very effective and useful by using lot of industry examples, real life case scenarios and exercises. Overall this workshop was very informal, useful and enhanced my..
Steve Divers
Software Development, Maintenance, and Testing Manager
Niranjan conducted a training on Agile Methodology which was completely aligned to the practical scenario. It also helped the team learn new techniques that could come handy in managing situations. Overall the training was very usefu
Vikas Agarwal
Vice President - Product & Technology at Monster (India, South East Asia, Middle East)
My team has engaged Niranjan for delivering trainings on Agile for one of our clients and we have received good appreciation for his work. He has been dedicated to the task on hand and works with a great respect for time. His resilience is what impressed me the most. I wish him the very best and hope he continues with his urge to be helpful to people and see people as "people".
Subramanian Sivakumar
Founder, CEO and a Servant-Leader
Niranjan is an effective Agile guru with rich experience in Agile methodologies. I attended PMI-ACP training conducted by Niranjan which was very useful for learning the application of Agile in real world, in addition to PMI-ACP preparation. I recommend his coaching and mentoring for everyone interested in working using Agile and for preparation of Agile certifications.
Irshad Nizami, PMP,CSM,PMI-ACP
Technology Lead at Infosys
Have been working closely with Niranjan for over 5 years now. Together with KnowledgeWorks, we have jointly delivered over 50+ corporate programs for our clients in the areas of Agile / SCRUM, Software Estimation Techniques, Project Management,etc. Feedback from clients has been overwhelming. Niranjan brings to his session, vast experience and knowledge which he has gained having worked with leading software majors.
Chinmaya Patil
Co-Founder & Director at KnowledgeWorks IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd.,
Niranjan has deep understanding & experience in challenges faced by teams new to Agile and varying mindsets (for/against) of participants. His creative approach with practical & simulating exercises to highlight the importance of various do’s/don’ts of the processes helped get everybody quickly onboard which turned out to be a fun team building exercise as well.
Farooque Shaikh
SDM at Amazon
We, at Oracle IDC, engaged Niranjan for Agile trainings. He delivered high quality & consistent results in all his trainings. He is a good resource for Agile.
Shantnu Tandon
Founder at Discovery Club
Lore software solutions was looking for a trainer who could design and deliver a course that gave a good introduction to the Agile world and concepts and at the same time introduce the participants to our clients Agile Practices. Niranjan worked with our clients onsite trainer to design a program that met our needs and requirements. Niranjan is very knowledgeable and competent in training and I would definitely recommend his services.
Deena Divakar
Managing Director, Lore Software Solutions Private Ltd
Great presentation, Interactive exercises and Practical knowledge made Niranjan's training, on Agile process, very interesting and helped the teams transform and adapt quickly.
Raja Vonna
Technology and Engineering Leader
I know Niranjan for a decade now, we worked together at Symphony service for 3 years. Niranjan was quite instrumental in enabling and helping many of our product engineering operation centres to adopt Agile. He trained, coached and mentored our projects teams, customer counter parts and senior management to understand agile principles, practices and change ourselves. He championed agile transformation programs and trained 500 plus engineers, leads and mangers. This helped us to differentiate and be early adopters of Agile which lead multiple strategic large customer accounts. Even after parting from Symphony we are in touch, both of us are founding members of Agile Leadership Network Bangalore chapter. We together have organized 4 plus community meets to share and build leadership in Agile. The most striking feature I have seen in Niranjan is his ability to conduct adult learning and training; I give him 10/10 on his training skills. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Prasad Prabhakaran
Principal Consultant at Infosys
Niranjan has good knowledge and understanding of different agile methodologies and practices. His training program on Agile and Scrum is well received by the audience. His sessions covers lot of practical experience and workshop which makes the participants to understand the agile concepts in clear. His experience in FP estimation technique is very good and team is clear and good to start implementing after his training sessions.
Pradeep TK
Quality Professional with experience in AGILE, ITIL, ITSM, ISMS and FDA
Niranjan has taken various Coaching and Workshops on Agile for UNICOMs clients. He has deep understanding of Scrum, XP and Kanban and is highly rated. He gets terrific feedback and is widely respected and recognized in the Industry. Being a member of Agile Leadership Network, he works hard to develop Agile Community. He has amazing energy and is inspirational to us. UNICOM wishes him very best as he deserves everything that he strives for. We have spend many hours together discussing Agile and its adoption in India. His ideas amazes me and he motivates us to keep up our hard work. A good human being and gem of a person.
Nitesh Naveen
Founder & CEO UNICOM, President Next Gen Testing, Chair for IndiaAgileWeek, BigDataGroup & Devops4U