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Kanban Workshop – Foundation Course

Duration: 1 Day
Program Overview

Short time-boxes give more frequent opportunity to measure progress and inspect software but force development items to be smaller, smaller development items are often too small to be valuable and difficult to identify. Pure continuous flow Kanban systems work very well when your backlog includes minor enhancements and support related items. There is no need here for strict time-boxes, instead a regular continuous flow optimized process for delivering predictable value with no bottle necks. More and more organizations are adopting Lean and Kanban as part of their Agile Transformation. This course will help you understand Kanban Principles and also Agile, Scrum and Kanban all fit together to deliver value for your organization. This course is very much suitable for beginners in Kanban.

The Learning Objectives

  • Agile Overview
  • Lean in a Nutshell
  • Kanban in a nutshell
  • Real World Examples of Kanban
  • Visualizing the Workflow
  • Limit work to capacity
  • Measuring Lead/Cycle Time
  • Using Kanban with Scrum (Scrumban)

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project managers, senior managers, functional managers, project leads, senior tech leads, and IT Support Professionals, developers, testers or anyone who want understand Kanban in software development.

Course Outline

Module-1: Agile Overview

  • Why Agility ?
  • Traditional v/s Agile Software Development

Exercise on agile development

Module-2:Lean in Nutshell

  • Lean Principles applied to Software Development

Module-3: Understanding Kanban

  • Understanding Kanban
  • Origins of Kanban
  • Understanding Flow
  • Learning the difference between 'push' and 'pull' systems

Case Study -Kanban in action

Kanban Simulation Game

Module-4:Kanban Measurements

  • Understanding and monitoring Work in Process (WIP)
  • Measuring Lead Time and Cycle Time
  • Creating Continuous Flow Diagrams
  • Other Metrics

Module-5:Scrum ,Kanban and Scrumban

  • Comparing Kanban to Scrum
  • Understanding the what Scrumban is
  • Learning how to apply Scrumban and when to use Scrum and Kanban separately

Modul-6: Value Stream Maps

  • Learning to define the 'as is' state of a process
  • Understanding how to identify steps in the process that provide value to the customer and those that do not
  • Learning how to calculate the efficiency of a process from end-to-end
  • Appling steps to create a future state process that reduces total cycle time

Certification Information

Participants can claim 8 PDUs for this course and can get course completion certificate


Participants can claim 8 PDUs for this course and can get course completion certificate

  • Course Handbook
  • Suggested reading list
  • Templates

To be announced.

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